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About ITS Troupe #4647


Morristown Theatre is a proud member of the International Thespian Society, which recognizes, rewards, celebrates, and encourages student achievement in all aspects of theatre arts - whether through stage performance, production, or tech. - on a national level. Students who partake in our productions and engage in theatre-related activities within the community are eligible for induction upon reaching the minimum requirement to do so. 

Members of our chapter plan and host a variety of fundraising and community engagement events, promote diversity and theatre arts in our schools, partake in a number of opportunities outside the MHS Theatre community. 


Troupe #4647 also partners with the TPA (Theatre Parents Association) booster club to subsidize and/or supplement costs for student productions and plan each community outreach and service event. 

Student Board

Co-Presidents: Allie M. & Maggie M. 

Co-Vice Presidents: Charlotte C. & Hannah S. 

Secretary: Ren L.

Social Media: Naina S. 

Treasurer: Rob S. 

Fundraising Team: Caden J. & Ben F.


Presidents: Laurie Cama & Leanne Lake

Treasurer: Chandani Rao

Secretary: Rebecca Higgins

Publicity: Joan Goddard

House Manager: Julie Gulisano

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